Helpful Tips – Ordering Flowers & Floral Arrangements

If you would like a little guidance deciding which arrangements and how many to order, these helpful tips may be just what you are looking for!

Boutonnieres – Typically, boutonnières are worn by anyone who may be significant at your wedding, event or celebration, including: grooms, groomsmen, ring bearers, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles, birthday celebrants and ushers. Boutonnières are typically worn on jacket lapels or vests.

Corsages – Typically, corsages are worn by anyone who you wish to honor at your wedding, event or celebration, including: moms, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and birthday celebrants.

Dinner Tables

Our large centerpieces are perfect for dinner tables that seat 10-12 people: one centerpiece for 66” – 72″ round tables, or order two large centerpieces for 8′ rectangular tables.

Our medium centerpieces are perfect for dinner tables that seat 6-8 people: 42’ – 60″ round or square tables, 6′ rectangular tables, or order two medium centerpieces for 8′ rectangular tables.

Our small centerpieces are perfect for dinner tables that seat 2-4 people: 30” – 36” round or square tables. Small centerpieces can be combined with a medium-sized centerpiece or a long and low centerpiece to create an eclectic mix on a larger table.

Our long and low centerpieces work beautifully in the center of long tables, or they can be combined with small side centerpieces for an especially lush design.

If you are going for a more dramatic, robust design, and won’t have a ton of additional items (glasses etc.) on the tables, you can use larger centerpieces. However, if you are having family style meal service, we suggest that you stay with the recommended size.

For an 8’ table, a large or medium centerpiece can be used in the center of the table, with small centerpieces as sidepieces. If your tables are connected to create rows, this is a great ordering combination for an eclectic mix. Or, you can order 2 large or medium centerpieces per 8 feet of table.

Other Tables

Name Card Table – These could use a medium centerpiece or a taller display piece.

Sweetheart Table – A small centerpiece will be perfect. If you are going for a more dramatic look, a medium or large centerpiece is recommended.

Chair Bouquets – Recommended for folding chairs that are placed along the center aisle. The chairs must have a knob/lip that the arrangements can be looped around. Chair bouquets are the perfect size to be re-purposed after the ceremony to adorn cocktail tables.

Display Arrangements – Can be moved throughout the day, from the welcome table to the name card table and so on. Two display arrangements can create a lush display framing your ceremony, if placed on wine barrels, pedestals etc. Display arrangements are also great for the center of a buffet table. Display arrangements are the largest arrangements we offer, and they are sure to wow your guests!

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